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Auto manufacturers HATE California's lemon law, which is rated the best in the nation. That's because every year thousands of lemon owners like you, use California's lemon law to make auto makers buy back their defective vehicles. Car companies and their high-powered (and expensive) lobbyists in Sacramento are working behind the scenes to undo the state's lemon law and at the every least weaken the current law so they can stick you with their defective cars.

Car companies tell lawmakers that the real problem is not their defective cars, but greedy and nit-picky consumers who are out for "the pot of gold." Of course you know better. All you ever wanted was a car that didn't spend most of the time in the shop and got you to work, kids to school, doctor appointments.

YOU are needed to help keep California's Lemon Law strong, so lemon owners can continue to hold the auto giants accountable. The easiest way to help keep our Lemon Law strong is to contact:

Rosemary Shahan
President of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS)
1303 J Street, Suite 270
Sacramento, CA 95814
(800) 491-9835 or (530) 759-9440.

CARS is a non-profit consumer group that is leading the efforts to preserve and strengthen California's auto lemon law. More information about the law and CARS work to improve the lemon law can be found at: By contacting Rosemary Shahan, she can provide you with the telephone numbers of your local representatives and teach you how best to communicate your concerns. Please contact her right away.

You can also write a letter to California lawmakers and let them know you support our Lemon Law and oppose any attempt to weaken it. For every letter they get, legislators figure another 1000 people feel the same way. So your letter has quite a bit of clout. Hand-written letters are also fine. If your small business supports keeping California's Lemon Law strong, using your business letterhead is also appropriate. Below is a draft of a letter to send to your state lawmakers, urging them to California's Lemon Law strong. Please add a few personalized details and mail to your state representative and Senator today.

To locate the name of your state representatives at the following web-site:

Click here to view a sample letter.

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